Monday, September 8, 2008

5 girls in a Firebird

So im kickin it with 3 of my friends one night, one of my homies just got his liscence so were cruising right. I think i was 17 at the time my boy was 18 and the rest of us were about that age.

So were cruising real slow in a lot when we see i would say 5 girls in a distance so my boy is like yoo let's go see whats up!!!! Sure enough they wave us down, start talking to us. I ask 2 of them to make out and they do. Me and my friends are hype thinking were gona get with these girls. They invite us to go chill at one of their houses cuz the girls parents were out for the night or something like that.

So the car were in is a firebird but it dont matter we start packing these girls in , the house is not far anyways. You know what happens next right, the luck. Cop car pulls us over and were like 6 in the backseat one extra girl in the front seat. They ask my friend for his drivers liscence they even ask all of us for I.d. and to get out the car. The girls start giving there identification and oohhh man!! I mean we all thought they were 15-16 now keep in mind we were 17-18.
Turns out... these girls were 13....Bad scene

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