Friday, September 12, 2008

Scent of a woman

About 5 years ago, I'm working at Deco Decouverte. My inderect boss(2 years older than me, good looking but sexy because she is my"boss" right) and I start the flirting game. Being the guy I am, we end up hitting it off. I find out she's my good friends cousin, but no matter. Things started moving real fast, everything was great. Met the family, seing her every day. Ends up that after 2 months, we move in together. We bought all sorts of stuff together at brault & Martineault, set the whole place up, we were jammin.
One evening, Im crazy horny...I mean raging beast kinda shit, so I attack her in the bedroom.
I throw her on the bed, rip off her jeans like Im going in for the kill. Im going nuts, kissing her all over her body and then as Im about to go down on her, I gag....WTF!!!!
I run to the bathroom and throw up 3 times in a row. As I'm staring in the toilet bowl at everything I ate in the last week, I yell at her: "what the fuck is that babe???" It must have been the worst smell I ever was like a skunk fucked a rat with gonnorhea, had babies, stuffed them in her $%nt and died there....
needless to say that I was no longer sexualy attracted to her so we split up
We had to return everything we had bought together to the store and
it was a HUGE MESS



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badscene said...

I must say, girls who work at Deco Decouverte are generally a bad scene