Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Down Girl

So I was out with the boys one beautiful Saturday night. We hit up a few spots where we carried out our normal routine of standing by the bar rating girls. It was about now about 2am and we decided to switch venues once more. Our last destination for the night was not the coolest spot but we knew a few heads up in there. Within 5 mins of me being inside, i got word that an old potential flex of mine was in the building celebrating her birthday. I saw her across the room making her way to the washroom so i strategically placed myself by the closest bar. She came out, made eye contact then jumped on me with excitement. I ordered up some birthday shots while she told me how hot I was. She then ordered a round of tequila shots while telling me she was gonna lick the salt from my neck. I agreed. One shot lead to another...We soon gave up the salt and lemon and downed a few more. I then aggressively grabbed the back of her head to pull her in for a make out. She loved it. I knew it was now or never to get her back to my boys place for some sexy time. I told her to hold on while i go get the keys to the loft. She waited anxiously till i got back. We had now started talking about how long we have waited for this to go down. I grabbed her hand and guided her through the crowd towards the stairs. She could barely manage in her drunken state. We finally got down to the first floor of the club. We had just one more flight of stairs to get outside. A few more obstacles got in our way including a club owner, a girl who thought she knew me and a dude who was trying to steal my flex. We blew through that shit like we were on American Gladiators. I was thinking to myself "Fuck, Finally!!!" as we reached the top of the stairs arm in arm. We were both so horny and wanted to fuck so bad. Her enthusiasm got he best of her though.... She stupidly miscalculated that first step and it was all downhill from there. She fell for what seemed like a good minute in slow motion all the way to the bottom. She was making these awful girly sounds during her descent that tickled my evil sense of humor. I did not laugh out loud however; Im not an asshole. I quickly went down to see if the rest of my night was gonna be ruined. It turned out she broke her knee or some shit and had to get her friends to bring her to the hospital... I ended the night mental masterbating imagining a cripple on my nut sack....bad scene.

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