Saturday, September 13, 2008

a book of whispers

I'm a kid, must have been about 5 or so.
Its Saturday, no school, sunny day.
I am really excited because today is the first time
I get to go to the library.
"I big deal right...but for me,
every outing or new uncharted land was a big deal"

Of course, I was going there with my mother and older
sister. I had very particular instructions to follow on this
day of days. My journey would be a quiet one as my
mother made it extremely clear that I was not to make
any noise, not a peep.

There it was, the Library...Mountains of books, paintings on the walls,
a color combination that boggled my mind. The best part of this picture
is that the whole west side of the building was a stretch of windows, allowing
the sun to shine in, brighter than I had ever seen, making all the book covers
sparkle like jewels in a treasure chest. I wished to explore this new world. To
seek out its wonders.

As soon as I saw the opportune moment, I left the pack, my mother and sister
went their way and I went mine. I felt like a spy on a mission, sneaking around
in silence. A sudden urge took over me, I desperately had to go to the bathroom.
whispering to the librarian, I asked her to point me in the right direction. A huge
door stood in front of me with a sign of a little boy on it. I was moments away from
relief when I placed my left hand on the handle, pulled and slipped my right hand in
the opening leading the way for the rest of my body to enter the room. Unfortunately,
the door was way to heavy for me, my fingers were now stuck, this 1000 pound door
was weighing down on them, draining all life right out of me...I wanted to scream for help,
to plead for mercy...

"I must not..."

"I must stay quiet...Mom said"

I whisper for help

My mother is reading a book close enough to me
she finally hears me

"Ill be right there son hold on, I just want to finish this paragraph..."

The door was opened, my mother is here now
my fingers look like road kill, blood dripping onto the
bathroom floor.....

Is this the reason why I don't read much today??

Bad scene....

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