Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Love in the Club

So I was part of one of the most successful party nights in the city where everyone came out to dance every week.  Actually, it was one of the best parties in history.  One night was incredibly awesome.  The club was packed, the DJs rocked the crowd, the bartenders served up the best drinks, the owners paid us at the end as usual, and the bouncer punched me in the face at the end of the night.  Bad scene.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nut Cracker

...Bad Scene

Doggie treats

Back in the day in my younger years, I was going out with this girl. She still lived at home with her parents which is normal as we must have been around the tender age of 16. She had a dog who was very fond of her. They had this special bond as most girls do that grow up with a pet animal. It was very hard for us to get alone time to bone so one day while her parents were upstairs we decided to get it on in the basement. Oral sex was on the menu for this particular evening and she was my waitress. So shes doing her thing Im feeling all relaxed and then I get that sensation. Shes about to get a real special treat. As we all know bad girls suck and good girls swallow, and my girl was a very good girl. But just to give her a tiny reminder of why shes such a great girl, I gently grabbed her head and kind of held it in a "Im not forcing you to let me bust in your mouth but you really should let me and thats whats gonna happen" kind a way. She seemed puzzled for a split second but then complied with my kind gesture (Sperm has vitamin E in it). So as I finished unloading the truck, she waited for the clearance signal and slowly started to lift her mouth off my now semi-dur hard place. With her hair all over the place as she got up she kind of gagged and vomitted a bit of sperm/puke out of her mouth. Not alot but enough to get some in her hair and some on the carpet. I was slightly amused by this I must admit. So she got up to get a kleenex to fix the mess "she" had made on the carpet as I zipped up my pants with the smile of a cheshire cat on my face. While she managed to clean up most of it so it would not look like anything, her dog still knew that there was something there. In a full sprint her dog came running down the stairs and started licking the carpet like it was water and we were in the dessert. After many failed attempts to stop the dog from feasting, her mom decided to walk downstairs to check up on us as she was suspicious of me having sexual relations with her daughter and always wanted to take ever measure possible to stop it. She looked at the dog, looked at my girl, looked at me and demanded to know why the fuck the dog was licking the carpet like that and would not leave until she got a full explanation... Bad scene

Sunday, September 14, 2008