Monday, September 8, 2008

Mcdonalds Reunion

After a pretty intense and eventful weekend, me and one friend decided to go out one more night. We got to the club pretty late and it was jumping. We chit chatted with some colleagues, ordered a few drinks and had some shots, the usual. It was getting late and the vibe started dying down in the club and then my friend turned to me and suggested that we grab a bite to eat before heading home and calling it a night. The first place he mentioned, which was rather tempting, didnt tickle my fancy too much as the food would take awhile to arrive to our table and I wanted to make the eating a quick pit stop as I had work early in the morning. The second choice was mcdonalds. Now its been over 6 months I havent indulged in a mcdonalds trio and although I had told myself that I will not eat there again, there was a certain magic in the air, probably from the high spirits the spectacular weekend had brought me and the thought of anything with macpoulet sauce sounded delicious. When we got to mcdonalds the service was quick and to the point, just like I needed it to be on a night where I was only looking to get about 4 hours of sleep. "I'll have a number one with a root beer!" I said with an almost 'Its christmas-eve and I cant wait to open my presents, Im 4 years old' attitude. We were blessed with fresh mcdonalds french fries which made the long lost reunion even that much more suculent. I kind of teased myself with a few fries and licks of my big mac before putting it back in the bag and waiting to get home to finish what I had started. It must have taken me 3 minutes and a few bites to finish my trio. I fell asleep satisfied with my decision of choosing the golden arches as my late night snack destination and a feeling of warmth as I was reminded of the great taste of mckie d's. Waking up in the morning however I was reminded of the aftermath of the sort. Ive been awake 9 hours now and my diarrhea has not let up yet Im not sure when its going to stop but I would like it to stop asap.


On my walk home from work I got caught in the rain. As I am not weather savy I did not bring an umbrella with me this morning. So now I am cold, wet and naked in my room with a serious case of the runs.... bad scene

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