Sunday, September 7, 2008

Drunken Sex

So I go out to this club with a bunch of friends. End up getting completly shit faced and pass out in the car on the way back. Wake up in front of the motel. Seems as if the female driver had an alterior motive when she told the rest of my friends shes driving me home. Good scene? So wtv we go in the room and go at it right away making out, foreplay, the works. She wants to fuck but we have no condoms.. Wtv its all good who cares... Turn her around start doing her doggy, put it in her bum and then banging banging, bust super hard in her bum, wow what a good feeling. Then later on still going at it, try to finger her bum and she says 'No I dont take it in the bum' and Im like 'what are you talking about I fucked you in the bum and busted' and shes like 'Ummmm that wasnt my bum' ..... bad scene

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