Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey Mom

So I get invited to this staff Christmas party at one of my coworkers house.
She has this party every year..huge blowout. Its the first time I attend and I dont know
many people, so I put my joker face on and jump in the action...everybody loves a comedian right??

So first things first, I go to the kitchen to poor myself a drink and grab some munchies.
There are people I dont know everywhere. So, to blend in, Im just passing comments here and there. As Im pooring my drink I say to this girl taking out food from the oven:

"Nice party, eh??"

She responds:

"Yup,Im here every year"

But as she replies, a piece of watever she was shewing flies out of her mouth and lands on my face...not a big piece but just big enough for me to say something jokes about to a pick up line of sorts, I guess

"its not nice to spit on people you dont know"

I said, in a funny/serious tone of voice.
(keeping in mind that only those who know me, know when Im kidding)

She REALLY didnt find it funny
She looked like she was going to beat me up

"its really rude to talk to people you dont know like that" she said

In my mind I thought ok so Im not picking this girl big deal
But then my friend from work whos house it is comes in the mix
"OH, I see you met my mom"


Bad Scene...

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